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Truestone Impact Investment

Sierre Leone


Creating sustainable jobs by funding profitable companies

Social welfare

Providing fair salaries and training

Current Assets >$36m

Employees >570

The project.

Truestone Impact Investment


Investing in job creation in Sierra Leone and redistributing the profits into entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. 

While the Truestone Impact Investment Fund is a profitable investment vehicle, we focus on the impact they create by establishing sustainable enterprises and jobs, providing micro loans, food and training to the local population and supporting the local ACTB Foundation. 

Traditional investment strategies have had limited success in Sierra Leone. As entrepreneurial investors, Truestone understands the mechanics of doing business in this complex environment having successfully developed and grown businesses for over the last ten years. Through our venture studio model, we help businesses launch and scale by leveraging our in-house investment management skills alongside local operational expertise from across our network in Sierra Leone.

Any profits we gain are redistributed into the support of entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

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