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Purpose and Object 
of our Company.


1. The company exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section 'Tax-Exempt Purposes' of the Tax Code (AO).

2. The company acts selflessly and does not primarily pursue its own economic interests.

3. The purpose of the articles of association is:

a) Promotion of education and training

b) Promotion of development cooperation

c) Promotion of international understanding, tolerance in all areas of culture, and the idea of mutual understanding among nations;

d) Promotion of economic development in developing countries

e) Promotion of environmental protection, nature conservation, and landscape preservation, including climate protection, coastal protection, and flood protection

f) Promotion of art and culture

g) Promotion of science and research

h) Promotion of sports

i) Promotion of assistance for politically, racially, or religiously persecuted individuals, refugees, displaced persons, ethnic German repatriates, war victims, survivors of war, war-disabled persons, and prisoners of war, civilian victims of war, and disabled individuals, as well as assistance for victims of crime; promotion of the memory of persecuted individuals, war, and disaster victims; support for the search service for missing persons, and support for individuals who are discriminated against based on their gender identity or sexual orientation;

j) Humanitarian aid

k) Procurement of funds within the meaning of § 58 No. 1 of the Tax Code for the realization of tax-exempt purposes as specified in sentence 1 of another tax-exempt corporation or for the realization of tax-exempt purposes as specified in sentence 3 by a public-law corporation.

4. The object of the company is the realization of the articles of association. In doing so, the purposes of the articles of association are realized in particular through:

a) The establishment and promotion of educational institutions

b) Support and expansion of learning opportunities in educational institutions

c) Support and promotion of vulnerable groups (especially women and girls)

d) Promotion of enterprises in developing countries that, in turn, pursue charitable purposes

e) Reforestation and the preservation of forests

f) Establishment and promotion of nurseries

g) Support for waste reduction measures

h) Support for CO2 reduction measures

i) Implementation and support of reconstruction measures

j) Promotion and free consultation of organizations and groups that pursue the purposes of the articles of association

k) Promotion and free consultation of statutory institutions, especially in financing and grant applications

l) Promotion of measures for the preservation of cultural sites and cultural customs and traditions

m) Conducting intercultural gatherings

n) Awarding and supporting research assignments

o) Conducting scientific events and research projects

p) Promotion of sporting exercises and achievements

5. The company may engage in all transactions and take measures that are suitable to directly or indirectly promote the purpose of the company. The company may establish branch offices to fulfill this purpose and participate in similar or related companies.

6. The purposes are pursued collectively. There is no specific ranking among them. Only individual purposes may also be promoted at the discretion of the shareholders' meeting."

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