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We are Redsalt. 
Our Team.

Gabriele Pulvermüller

I am an entrepreneur who has built a successful career in the IT industry through buy-and-built ventures. My expertise lies in understanding numbers and driving transformative change.

While I take pride in my achievements, my true passion lies in creating a sustainable future for our children. I firmly believe that they should be able to experience and appreciate the beauty of our planet.

Unfortunately, I am deeply concerned about the destructive impact our actions have had on the environment. Our wealth has been derived from the exploitation of the planet, and it is essential that we modify our behavior to restore balance with nature. I am committed to supporting projects that strive to bring this equilibrium back.

One of the major issues I recognize is the unfair distribution of wealth on a global scale. Rich countries have historically exploited the global south, perpetuating the disparity. Additionally, within countries, the distribution of wealth remains unequal. It is my aspiration to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, both globally and locally. I aim to empower individuals in the global south by providing opportunities for wealth creation and education, enabling them to establish their own businesses.

Furthermore, I have observed that many social projects possess remarkable ideas and enthusiastic leaders but struggle to secure adequate funding. In response, I intend to establish a network that connects these projects with the perfect funding solutions, ensuring their viability and success.

In summary, my journey as an entrepreneur has instilled in me a passion for creating a sustainable future and reducing global inequality. By supporting environmental initiatives, empowering individuals in the global south, and facilitating funding for social projects, I aim to make a positive impact on our planet and society as a whole.

Co-Founder & CEO

My expertise lies in understanding numbers and driving transformative change.

Patrick Pulvermüller

I’ve been a business leader for 25 years, working in both big and small companies. In early 2000s, I built a super energy-efficient data center before it was cool to think about carbon footprints. I’m always excited to learn new things every day, like a student that never leaves school.

I’m super proud of my five amazing kids. They inspire me every day to make the world a better place. I believe in being positive, treating everyone fairly, and living sustainably. I am striving to figure out how we can all have a good life without harming our only planet.

When I’m not learning or working or enjoying time with my family, I love doing sports. I want to stay healthy for a long time to enjoy life with my kids and my wife. In short, I’m a dad and a business leader who’s trying to do good and have fun along the way.


I’m a dad and a business leader who’s trying to do good and have fun along the way.

Anja Baumann

With an extensive tenure of over 25 years as a proficient executive assistant, I have skillfully supported CEOs of major industrial groups, ensuring streamlined operations and heightened efficiency. Over the past six years, I have the joy to ambitiously manage challenging projects at the professional environment of the Pulvermueller family office.

Balancing my achievements, I take pride in fulfilling my role as a committed mother to a promising young student. Leveraging the power of yoga and meditation, I maintain a balanced and focused approach, expertly handling the multifaceted demands of a dynamic business landscape.

Project Manager

Leveraging the power of yoga and meditation, I maintain a balanced and focused approach.

Mercedes Böcher

I am a dynamic and driven individual who tries to make a significant impact on the world around me. As a dedicated mother of two sons, a history and politics scholar, and an active member of the Green Party in Cologne, my life revolves around a deep commitment to sustainability and creating a better future for my children.

From a young age, I had a keen interest in history and politics, which eventually led me to pursue higher education in these fields. I was determined to make a difference in the world by understanding its past and influencing its future.

My passion for sustainability has been a driving force in my life and career. I firmly believe in the urgent need to protect the environment and ensure a livable planet for future generations.

Within the Green Party, I found a community of like-minded individuals who shared my vision and sense of purpose. As my career progressed, I met Gabriele. She recognized my potential and entrusted me with the responsibility of managing all social projects within the company. In this role, I coordinate various initiatives aimed at fostering social development, environmental consciousness, and community engagement.

Project Manager

I firmly believe in the urgent need to protect the environment.

Janine Link

As an always positive thinking person and a seasoned executive assistant, I've spent years providing executive support to managers and CEOs in the dynamic IT industry. My earlier career as a travel agent I have travelled to many countries and enriched me with a global perspective and heightened appreciation for our shared world. For the past three years, I have been involved in the Pulvermüller Family Office, where I am allowed to incorporate my convictions into my work and actively participate in numerous projects.

Beyond the professional sphere my world blossoms around my family, particularly my two children. Love for music and ballet dancing offers an avenue for expressing my zest for life.

Project Manager

I have traveled to many countries, enriching myself with a global perspective and a heightened appreciation for our shared world.

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