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Join us in celebrating new school buildings or library busses and get first hand information on intercultural events in Cologne.

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Become a Mentor for the Start-ups in our R.A.I.N. Program:

Bring your knowledge to the table and empower a start-up in the global South to grow its business and become investment ready. Our tech-oriented start-ups have brilliant ideas which bring urgently needed service to the country. 

Support them by providing knowledge in growing a business, technical set-up, people management, sales processes, product development, financial reporting and much more.

Please contact us at and become a member of our Mentor Community.


Support as an Investor in our R.A.I.N Program:

Our start-ups lack Angel Investments helping them in their Early stage and Growth Phase. The typical investment per start-up is between 10k EUR and 100k EUR. There are no management fees and any investment you provide will be channeled 100% to the start-up.

For more information please contact us at


Provide Donation for our many Projects supporting Education, Intercultural Understanding, and Reforestation.

We assure you that 100% of your donation will be channeled directly into our impactful projects, ensuring that every cent you give is invested in making a real difference. Our operational costs are fully covered, guaranteeing that your generosity is exclusively used for the projects that need it most.

To send your donation, we kindly ask you to transfer the amount to the following account, and please don't forget to include your name and address to get your donation receipt:

Redsalt Foundation gGmbH

IBAN: DE26 3705 0198 1900 3668 14



I want to make a Difference.

Due to administrative reasons, we regret that the Redsalt Foundation cannot accept donations under 1,000€. However, our partners would greatly appreciate your contribution. You can directly access our partners' donation pages here:

For donations.

Under 1000€.

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