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Sina Uganda



SINA implements a "freesponsible" educational concept, based on experimental, project-based, and problem-based learning. The youth graduate once they have their own employment or enterprise established. 


A Session house with 3 classrooms, toilets and equipment will be constructed until spring 2024

60 students

The project.

Sina Uganda


The Youth Innovation Hub (YINNOH) is a community initiative within the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, spearheaded by the Social Innovation Academy (SINA). The mission is to transform challenges into opportunities through education and social entrepreneurship, particularly for refugee youth. 

SINA transforms disadvantaged youth into social entrepreneurs through a cost-effective and freesponsible community approach. SINA unleashes and nurtures the intrinsic drive within each of its “scholars.” Tailor-made empowerment stages and self-management processes support scholars to define their own path and put the power of education in their own hands. Enabled as changemakers, scholars often turn challenges into opportunities to make a sustainable living out of what they are passionate about.The SINA model is creating resilient and self-reliant communities establishing their own solutions instead of waiting for support from the outside. Since the solutions become social enterprises, they are independent of donations and often tackle challenges at their roots.

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