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Sierra Leone


As Sierra Leone’s primary conservation organization, our mission is to use education and community conservation to eliminate the wildlife trade and safeguard the remaining natural habitats in the country. Through law enforcement, eco-tourism, livelihoods programs, and chimpanzee rehabilitation, we are engaging local communities and multidisciplinary stakeholders to secure the future of Sierra Leone


Tacugama aims to be at the forefront of preserving Sierra Leone’s remaining wildlife through education, community support and eco-tourism.

Our Impact

Thanks to the closure of a veterinary practice in Germany and its generous donor, we were able to transfer all the medical equipment to Tacugama in Sierra Leone. After a long journey, the equipment finally arrived in end-June. This means that the local people no longer have to make the long journey to the larger cities to have the chimpanzees examined.

Furthermore we're excited to support their afforestation project and fight against climate change.

The project.



Tacugama has been growing its own tree nursery at the sanctuary since 2009, including mango and guava trees, and will provide some fruits for the sanctuary while generating local employment. Ultimately, we wish to demonstrate the potential for successful small-scale plantations thus encouraging local villagers to plant for themselves. Nevertheless, when possible the team also embarks on large-scale tree planting missions. In 2021 they planted close to 45,000 tree seedlings in Sierra Leone.

Treeplanting is the perfect initiative that helps fight against deforestation and mitigate climate change. Ensuring that communities understand the need to give back to the forest and to never cut down a tree without planting another is a crucial goal of TCOP.

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